๐Ÿ”„Flexiloans Introduction

JewelSwap Flexiloans allow for treasuries to diversify to productive income-generating assets, and allow projects to keep building.

Most project treasuries held their value in the native token eg. $EGLD, is not invested and is subject to potentially diminished value in bear markets. Providing liquidity pools for their Project tokens (Eg. $XXX) in EGLD-XXX are also risky with little income generation.

Whitelisted projects can now borrow JWLEGLD against their EGLD (via Staked JWLEGLD) and by providing their equivalent project tokens, and start benefiting from a new revenue stream.

Liquidity Pool/Farm will be setup with $XXX-JWLEGLD with @ash_swap or @OneFinityChain (tba).

Loan-to-value for the JWLEGLD will continue to decrease as the collateral SJWLEGLD continues to increase in value as an interest-bearing token.

Projects can now earn with SJWELGD, an interest-bearing token which benefits from JewelSwap delegation staking to their validators.

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