Introducing JewelSwap

JewelSwap is the First NFT peer-to-pool Lending Liquidity Protocol, AMM (Automated Marketmaker) Marketplace in MultiversX.
JewelSwap is built on the MultiversX blockchain network and is governed by smart contracts. The Lending Liquidity Protocol generates liquidity for the NFT ecosystem by allowing users to lend and borrow from the protocol using their NFTs as collateral.
The AMM (Automated Market Maker) marketplace helps to boost and improve NFT instant liquidity, making it easier for users to buy and sell their NFTs. Just like Uniswap, XEXchange swapping tokens, JewelSwap allows users to swap and trade NFTs using single-side buy/sell liquidity pools as well as two-sided liquidity pools for market makers.
Some of the key features of JewelSwap are:
  • 1% platform fee (AMM)
  • DCA buy/sell with bonding curve parameters set by the user
  • Earning cold hard EGLD in trading fees for two-sided liquidity pools
Also, for visual people out there - you are welcome to check a great overview done by the DeFi expert at MultiversX GOGUYGO