Introducing JewelSwap

Introduction to JewelSwap
JewelSwap is a DeFi powerhouse, offering a vast array of modules and features, aiming to maximize capital efficiency.
JewelSwap is built on the MultiversX blockchain network and is governed by smart contracts.
Current modules of JewelSwap include:
  • NFT Loans (borrow EGLD against your NFT)
  • NFT Mortgages (buy NFTs now, pay later)
  • NFT AMM Marketplace (trade NFT-EGLD pairs, DCA into or out of NFTs)
  • Lending pools for NFT Loans and Mortgages (lend EGLD for NFT Loans)
  • Lending pools for LYF (Leveraged Yield Farms)
  • Boosted/Optimized/Leveraged Farms (Ashswap, OneDex, Hatom, JewelSwap)
  • Staking (Dual-Token Liquid Staking, Derivatives)
  • Gauge (Governance voting mechanism)
  • Flexiloans
JewelSwap is committed to maintaining a leading position in the MultiversX DeFi Ecosystem by constantly innovating and introducing new modules or enhancements to existing ones.
If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord or Telegram. The JewelSwap Team and active community members will gladly assist you with any inquiries.