AshSwap Farms


AshSwap is an innovative DEX on MultiversX, offering AMM style Liquidity Pools and swap for users. They are known for their Governance mechanism, the stableswaps and the various farms users can enjoy.

JewelSwap integrated various AshSwap Farms into it's Farm module, which allows users to efficiently and easily farm AshSwap farms.


AshSwap Farms get to enjoy all 3 JewelSwap Farm Types:

Farm rewards, which AshSwap pays out in ASH tokens, are autocompounded (-> reinvested) multiple times per day for maximum capital efficiency.

This means JewelSwap uses the ASH your position has earned, to create more LP tokens (thus, growing your position).

AshSwap offers boosted yields for users that own enough veASH (veASH = vote escrowed ASH, essentially vested/locked ASH). Because JewelSwap owns a lot of veASH (due to the JWLASH derivative) it can offer higher APYs to it's users.

Be aware of slippage/swap fees when opening and closing positions. After all, the borrowed assets need to be swapped accordingly to create more LP Tokens. When opening or closing a position within a short timeframe, you will not have made any money, perhaps even lost a few dollars due to the swap fees. Leveraged Farms should be used for longer timeframes ideally.


For a UI walkthrough of how to use the farms, check out the tutorial.


For fee information, check out the fee table.

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