Hatom Farms


Hatom is Money Market/Lending-Borrowing platform on MultiversX, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards for their lent assets.

JewelSwap integrated various Hatom into it's Farm module, which allows users to efficiently and easily farm their tokens on Hatom through JewelSwap.


Hatom Farms get to enjoy the following Farm Types:

Lending rewards, which Hatom pays out, are autocompounded (-> reinvested) multiple times per day for maximum capital efficiency.

Furthermore, Hatom offers boosted rewards for users who own enough HTM tokens. JewelSwap owns some HTM through the JWLHTM derivative, therefore it can offer higher APR to it's users.

Important: For closing positions, JewelSwap makes use of a flash-mint mechanism by flash-minting JWLEGLD or JWLUSD for the respective farms, repaying the debt, get the position back, swap back to the minted tokens to flash-burn, and then return the balance equity to the user. This means that closing positions can incur small slippage losses. However, the alternative, which would be de-looping the position and paying the transaction fees for a multitude of actions would be more expensive.


For a UI walkthrough of how to use the farms, check out the tutorial.


For fee information, check out the fee table.

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