There are three different types of yield farms of JewelSwap

  1. Optimized Yield Farming - Refers to farms which offer free autocompounding. Rewards of that farm are being reinvested to create more LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens, which increases the APY of the user and maximizes capital efficiency. This leads to the highest possible returns on the investment.

  2. Boosted Yield Farming - Certain protocols, such as AshSwap, offer two types of APR: base rewards, which are available to all users, and boosted rewards, which are available only if you lock/stake enough of the protocol's token. JewelSwap offers boosted rewards from these kinds of protocols to its users for free.

  3. Leveraged Yield Farming - By borrowing funds from lenders, farmers essentially created leverage, which means their APR is multiplied. By borrowing funds from lenders to create more LP tokens, more rewards can be farmed, which results in a higher APR.

Often, you will find that JewelSwap combined all three properties for a farm, which results in the best yield farming experience possible. Optimized, Boosted and Leveraged Yield Farming all-in-one.

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