Position Management

Open Position

On JewelSwap, click on Farm, and select which Farm category you want to see.

Next, choose among the many farms and click on the "Farm" button.

The following window will open, which allows you to change a few details of your position. We will go over them one and explain what everything does.

  • 1 - In this section you can deposit either only USDT, only ASH, only the LP Token or a mix of USDT and ASH. It's up to you. JewelSwap will take whatever you entered and balance it out to create more LP Tokens. If you deposit only USDT, the correct amount will be swapped to ASH, in order to create the LP Token.

    • Be aware of slippage and swap fees, if you provide only one token or an imbalanced amount of the two tokens.

  • 2 - Here you can optionally use leverage if you like.

  • 3 - In this sector you can choose which asset you like to borrow (if you enabled leverage).

    • If you borrow USDT for your USDT-ASH position, be aware that you are essentially longing ASH and shorting USDT.

      • You use the borrowed USDT to buy ASH (to create the LP Token). Therefore you are longing ASH.

      • If ASH were to fall in price, it will be harder and harder to repay the loan, eventually leading to liquidation.

My Positions

Go to "Portfolio" > "My Positions" to view the list of your opened positions. Switch between the DEX tabs to view the positions of the respective DEX. (Eg. ASHSWAP, ONEDEX).

Here you will see your opened Farm position, the current APY, the position value (shown in just one token and also as the amount of LP tokens), the debt (if leverage is used, otherwise it is zero), and to the right the safety buffer and the leverage used.

This allows you to monitor all of your positions in a glance.

The safety buffer is irrelevant in the screenshot above, because no leverage was used to create this position. A position with no leverage cannot get liquidated.

Close Position

To close a position, simply click "Close" next to your position and adjust the slippage accordingly if need be.

Partial Position Closing

If you decide to enable the "Partially close your position?" checkbox, you can decide to only close 10, 20, 30 or any % of your position. This useful

  • for repaying debt to decrease your leverage and improve your safety buffer.

  • to take some funds out of your position if you need them elsewhere, without having to close the entire position.

Adjust Position

By clicking on "Adjust" here, you will see the following popup window:

Clicking on "borrow more?" allows you to borrow more funds from lenders, which in turn means you will have a higher leverage.

If you do not intend to borrow more, you can provide more assets yourself (more USDT, more ASH or more LP Tokens) to expand your position. You simply add more assets to your existing position.

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