JITokens (Jewel Interest Tokens) are issued to user when they deposit assets to the lending pools. JITokens are used to keep track of the funds user have deposited as well as any interest earned.

Interest earned by JITokens

  • Each lending pool earns interest. The interest is earned by just holding JITokens.

  • The number of JITokens in your wallet remains the same while JITokens accumulate interest with their exchange rate. The JIToken value increase over time which becomes exchangeable for a larger amount of its underlying asset.

    • Example:

      • You deposit 1.1 EGLD and receive 1 JIEGLD. (Exchange rate: 1 JIEGLD = 1.1 EGLD)

      • When withdrawing your 1 JIEGLD a few weeks later, you will be able to withdraw more then the 1.1 EGLD you deposited (new exchange rate: 1 JIEGLD = 1.15 EGLD)

  • Each lending pool utilisation rate will reflect the extent of appreciation of the corresponding JITokens.

  • Due to accumulation of interest, the longer the user holds JITokens, the higher the value of the tokens.

  • The exchange rates are displayed on the Lend page under the individual JITokens.

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