Lending Protocol Explained

JewelSwap is unique and the first decentralized NFT liquidity protocol supporting instant NFT-backed loans on the MultiversX Blockchain Network.
The user can lend EGLD to the Protocol and receive attractive APY rates. Rewards are distributed every 30 days (known as an EPOCH), and the user can choose to either compound or withdraw their rewards.
*Note that in order to claim the rewards, the EGLD has to be held until end of Epoch.
In addition, the user can obtain an NFT-backed loan and borrow EGLD instantly, with a collateral ratio of up to 50% of the verified collections used as lending collateral. Interest rates start as low as 0.5% daily, and the user can choose the loan duration.
After EGLD is borrowed, the NFT is deposited to the lending SC. Once the loan is repaid, the NFT collateral will be returned to you.