Staking (ASH)

Convert ASH to JWLASH, By staking JWLASH, you're earning a share of the LP's boosted ASH earnings. (Eg. USDT-ASH, BUSD-EGLD, USDC-USDT-BUSD farms etc). Important: Converting JWLASH to ASH is irreversible. You may stake and unstake JWLASH tokens, but not convert them back to ASH.
You can now exchange JWLASH for ASH at varying market rates via AshSwap.
ASH tokens locked for veASH will only be used to vote for JewelSwap farm/token proposals at the team's discretion. Epoch Period - 7 Days Unstaking Period - 7 Days
You will be able to claim your share of the current Epoch Rewards at the end of Epoch Period.