Staking (JWLUSD)

Mint JWLUSD with USDC, USDT, BUSD 1:1. By staking JWLUSD, you're earning a share of the earnings supplied to Hatom farms. A dynamic optimal level will be sent to Hatom stables supply and activation as collateral for rewards generation to stakers and supply of LP in Ashswap. You may stake and unstake JWLUSD tokens (interest bearing accrual tokens) anytime and you can also redeem subject to an unbonding period of 10 days.
When you redeem, you will receive in the current proportion of stables. (Eg. if current consist of 40% USDC, 30% USDT and 30% BUSD, when you redeem $100 JWLUSD, you will receive $40 USDC, $30 USDT and $30 BUSD)
You can now exchange JWLUSD for USDC at varying market rates via AshSwap.