JWLEGLD is a EGLD-pegged stablecoin and also a liquid EGLD staking derivative designed to maximise EGLD staking yield. Mint EGLD for JWLEGLD 1 : 1 which will be sent for validator staking when able to. A dynamic % will also be sent for LP creation at a future date. To redeem JWLEGLD for EGLD, a 10 days unbonding period will be in place until the EGLD can be withdrawn. The unbonding value and time left will be displayed.
Stake JWLEGLD for SJWLEGLD which will accrue staking yield. The exchange rate for JWLEGLD:SJWLEGLD is displayed beside the JWLEGLD icon. Staking rewards in EGLD will be converted to JWLEGLD. When a user unstake SJWLEGLD, he will receive more JWLEGLD according to the exchange rate.
EGLD/JWLEGLD Liquidity Pool will subsequently be setup in DEX for easy swapping of EGLD and JWLEGLD without going through the unbonding period.
You can now exchange JWLEGLD for EGLD at varying market rates via AshSwap.
*To incentivize SJWLEGLD staking, enjoy a % Rewards Boost from all Ashswap Farms for a time-limited period.