๐Ÿ’ฏJewelSwap Points: Introduction


JewelSwap Points is a new program offered by JewelSwap, in which users are able to earn points by simply using the protocol.

As of today, there is no immediate usecase for the points, however this might change in the future.

How to earn points

There are a many different ways you can start earning points.

You are able to earn points by

  • Staking

  • Farming

  • Voting

  • Lending

  • Borrowing

  • Referring new users

Staking, Farming, Lending and Borrowing each earn you 1 point per 1$ staked/farmed/...

The live market price of the asset is used for points calculation. Once a day, a snapshot is made where the dollar value is calculated and the points are added to your account.

Voting - By voting for JewelSwap Farms on AshSwap (using your own veASH), you will earn points.

Per 50 veASH voted for a Jewel-Farm, you will earn 1 point.

The points for Farm weight voting only updates once per week, on every thursday. Do not worry if your points are not visible immediately.

By referring new users, you will receive 10% of what the referred user has earned.

If the newly referred user has earned 100 points, 10 points will be added to your account.

Referrals only work for new users that have not used JewelSwap before and have not started earning points yet.

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