JWLXMEX is a derivative token that can be minted using xMEX. (Minting is not live yet, pending whitelist from xExchange)


Staking JWLXMEX on JewelSwap will give the user SJWLXMEX, which is appreciating in value against JWLXMEX.

SJWLXMEX can be transferred between wallets too. This allows you to transfer your ownership to another wallet, without having to unstake your SJWLXMEX.

Rewards are paid out continuously.


Rewards for JWLXMEX staking stem from these sources:

  • Modules where JewelSwap utilizes xExchange, 15% of user-generated rewards are given to JWLXMEX stakers.

    • Because xExchange gives out only (locked) xMEX in rewards, JWLXMEX are minted, still backed by the newly earned xMEX, and given to the JWLXMEX stakers.


Unstaking SJWLMEX from staking is possible at all times, instantly, at no fee.


You can swap JWLXMEX at varying market rates on AshSwap.

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